At any stage of your company, having consistent HR practices will be critical to your success. If you are starting a new business, you may find that as your company grows you struggle with people management. If you have a successful business, you may find yourself unable to deal with the day-to-day tasks or HR and more specifically people management.

Our HR packages are designed by our industry experts to help build a successful HR department at your company. Whether one or two employees or two hundred, our packages will give you the key skills and documentation needed to successfully manage people.

Getting culture right is not an easy task; it is a multi faceted approach that needs consistency, the correct documentation to protect yourself and your employees, and the right policies and procedures in place to create a work where your business and your staff can thrive.

Let us help create a solid foundation for your HR policies and procedures. By letting us take the reigns on your HR and all its complexities, it opens you up to work on growing your business.

Our HR start-up package include everything you need to run and maintain a successful HR department for your organization. From recruitment best practices to exit interviews and everything in between, our package has everything you need for the life of your business to be successful in your HR practices.

Our Human Resources Starter Kit includes:

  • Recruitment & Staffing
  • Interview Process
  • Classification & Position Management
  • Employee File
  • Employee Relations
  • Employee Support & Development

Contains 31 customizable documents (MS Word files). Downloadable upon purchase.

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