To Start or Not to Start; That is the Question

I think we can all agree that 2020 was quite a year. The pandemic, the economy, the uncertainty, unemployment, hundred year old businesses going under, stimulus packages, and so much more; it’s hard to know what the rest of 2021 will bring, let alone what tomorrow will bring. There is so much fear about the uncertainty that it makes it hard to think about anything else. Sometimes I wonder what we talked about before this pandemic started.

If you follow conventional wisdom, maybe this is the worst time to make any major decisions about starting your business. People are more conservative with their spending and there is uncertainty in the banks; I won’t argue with that. However, I will argue the thought that this is a bad time to start a business. In fact it may be one of the best times to start a business.

Should I Start A Home Care Business?

Follow your instincts

If you are an employee of a company, maybe you have seen wage cuts, or been laid off yourself. Maybe now is that time to take that leap. Maybe its been in the back of your mind this whole time, and you were waiting for a sign; take this as a sign! Start that business!

There is no feeling quite like being your own boss. Having something you are passionate about, combined with the sense of satisfaction, the diverse learning experience, the flexibility, and employment protection, it is truly the best way to work.

The business we are passionate about it private home care. With combined experience in both nursing and marketing, we created a successful home care company. After working in the industry for many years we decided to move onto our next passion, helping entrepreneurs, specifically in private home care. As entrepreneurs we are firm believers in being your own boss.

Two major reasons why now is the time to start your private home care business:

  • our incredible shift to an aging population

  • the current pandemic and the state of care right now, and the changes coming to long term care homes

The world of private home care will have nothing but opportunities moving forward. Our world population is on the verge of a fundamental shift. Almost one in seven Canadians is a senior. By 2030 that number will be one in four. With our growing senior population there will be extreme challenges in the field of senior care. With facilities already struggling to keep up, we will face major challenges when it comes to care of our seniors.

The benefits of private home care to seniors and their families are boundless. From familiar surroundings to personalized care, having the ability for a senior to remain at home and give respite to family caregivers is something we are so passionate about.

The congregate nature of nursing home facilities and the at risk population has been in the news non-stop during the pandemic. With no end in sight, and major changes coming to long term care homes, more families will be looking to keep their loved ones home and safe. With families not being able to visit, having seniors stay confined to their rooms, and a general drop in quality of care, families are looking for alternatives.

We are firm believers in entrepreneurs. We are firm believers in home care. We are firm believers in you. Go out there and get them! Start that business! Make that difference! There is no time like the present!

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