Marketing Your Home Care Business

Marketing informs. Marketing Engages. Marketing grows your business. Most importantly, Marketing Sells. Do not let all of your hard work get lost in what can be a crowded space. There are lots of opportunities for success, make sure you are maximizing yours.

An effective marketing strategy will help someone choose your business over someone else’s. It helps inform and educate the prospective client as to why your business is the right choice. You already know why your business is great and why they should choose you, so its important to let them know.

Marketing is an extremely important part of your business’s success. This space may seem overwhelming to you, or is out of your comfort zone, or maybe you just need a little nudge in the right direction to get going. Let us help others know just how great your business is and why they should choose yours. Whether its help with your online marketing strategy or just help with good old fashioned word-of-mouth marketing, we have a solution for everyone. Click on some of our services we offer on the left side bar and get started today.

Website Design & Optimization

Customized, Home Care focused websites starting at $1,475!

We live in a digital world. The last time you needed some information, or to look up a service, your first stop was Google. Having a website is critical in todays world. How many times have you left a website being frustrated, or something about it immediately turned you off of the business? Maybe it was messy and careless, maybe it was lacking information, or you just got a general sense of the company’s reputation simply by being on their website. Your website should be a representation of you and your business. Think of it as a virtual store front. Your home. Remember you want people to choose you, over your competitor; make it easy on them.

If you do not have a website, or you have a subpar website, you are missing out on opportunities for customers to identify who you are and if they want to spend money with you.  Remember the impressions of your website will be their first impressions of your business.

We offer a variety of services including website design, optimization, and general consulting. We have a service for all your website needs, big or small.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO means the optimization of your website, making sure it appeals to search engines like Google. The goal is to have a smooth, functional website that allows users to have a great experience on it as well as driving qualified traffic to your site. SEO is a long-term effort that requires strategy and patience, but doing it properly will substantially expand your reach.   Organic search results due to SEO reach a much larger audience and allow people to gravitate to your site without as much paid advertising.

Have a chat with us today to see what we can do to increase your organic search results.

Web Based Advertising

With Google continuing to be a top channel for consumers to connect with businesses, Google Ads is a way to ensure that your business is being seen by potential clients. Running strategic ad campaigns through avenues like Google Ads is a great way to get a boost. Whatever your budget, having an effective advertising strategy and at key times can increase your revenue and help grow your business.

Create a Brand Identity on Social Media

It is easy to assume the elderly population is not tech savvy – but their children are, and the internet is the first place they look for information. So, start with a great website that educates and engages, then create a brand identity on social media. Social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram are great for letting potential customers know you exist while informing them about who you are and what you can do for them. Use your logo, vision and mission on your business’ social profiles to project your home care business as a customer-centric brand that is trusted by clients for quality care services.

Build Your Social Media Presence

Study hashtags that are most relevant to the home care industry and the services you provide. Create your own hashtag to represent your own home care business and to attract followers while gaining interest in your location and what you offer to prospective customers.

Use the same name for each of your home care social media accounts to prevent users from feeling confused while looking for more information on your agency. Research the name you have in mind across multiple platforms to verify that it has not already been taken or used by another business.

Update Your Social Media Frequently

Use social media to your advantage by posting frequently. Create an update calendar to keep your followers (potential customers!) informed of upcoming events, services you offer, and even testimonials from current customers who are using your services. Provide transparency (a key component to building a successful business) by always responding to user inquiries, comments, and opinions directly. Avoid deleting negative comments or reviews! Remaining transparent as a business is ideal when you want to gain the trust of those who are on the fence about using your home care business for themselves or a loved one.

Let us help you to create your social media “personality”. We can teach you the tips and tricks needed to nail your social media status!

Print & Branded Goods

Does your home care business have a strong brand? You have to show it off! Have us design some awesome branded merchandise to hand out to people you meet! First impressions are everything and a high quality business card is where to start. Brochures are also a must. The obvious things to include are  your list of services as well as your contact information. It’s also important to include your home care business’ mission as well as what value you bring to the reader.

Have some extra room in your marketing budget? Invest in some branded swag! Branded pens, notebooks, water tumblers, etc. are all affordable and popular items that can help get your name out there.