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Our Infection Prevention & Control (IP&C) policies and procedures were created by our nursing team with the safety of your staff and your clients in mind. Our policies and procedures were designed to reduce the spread of infection.


While minimizing the spread of infection may seem like a no-brainer, it often falls victim to complacency. By having policies and procedures in place to ensure staff are accountable to reduce the spread of infection, everyone benefits. Safety is paramount when you are caring for a vulnerable population. Ensuring your staff are compliant with infection prevention protects your staff and your clients. Our two-policy Home Support Infection Prevention & Control package is a great addition to your policy and procedure manuals.

All of our policy and procedures package templates allow you to easily insert your logo to make the packages your own, and come in a format which can be edited to allow you to add or remove policies and procedures, or edit specific items which are important to the values of your company. Includes 2 policies specific to Home Support.


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