Making Home Care Your Business

Comprehensive Packages To Create Leaders In Home Care


Start-Up Packages

Let's get out of the starting gate together. Our comprehensive Start-Up Packages are designed by our industry experts to set you up for success right from day one. This Three-Phase program was created with new business owners in mind. Our collection of documents will set you up with everything you need and even things you did not think you needed. Click to find out more.


Policy & Procedure Packages

Managing your new or existing business is not an easy task, but it does not have to be a constant source of stress. The process of creating your business' policies and procedures can be extremely time consuming and overwhelming. Do not leave that to guess work! We have policy and procedure packages that are in accordance with Canadian laws and with Accreditation Canada regulations that you can purchase depending on your needs. Click to find out more about our Policy and Procedure Packages.


HR Packages

You may find as you are starting your business you will wear many hats; Business Owner, Payroll department, HR Manager, Creative Director. HR will be one of the most critical roles you play in your company. Whether you are the HR department, or you have hired staff to fulfill this role, having a consistent, thoughtful, and thorough approach to HR will be a key component of your company and staff's success. Pay, staff development, training and onboarding are just some of the important areas you will need to be competent in. Luckily, our HR Packages are designed to guide you and supply you with documentation needed to have a successful HR strategy with your company.

The Home Care Academy Product Offering: