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Our Home Care / Home Support Occupational Health & Safety Policy and Procedure package was designed by our experienced team of nursing professionals. It deals with the critical role of employee safety. There are inherent risks in being a home care worker and professional in the workplace. By having these policies and procedures in place it will ensure your staff knows that you take their safety seriously, and help them understand what to do in various situations.


Your employee Health & Safety Policy will ensure that both your staff and yourself are taking health and safety seriously. These policies commit the entire organization to being a safe workplace. As an employer it is your job to make sure your employees are safe, know how to be safe, and are aware that health and safety is important to your company. Violating or not having a health and safety policy can have serious consequences to your business. By having these procedures in place and having staff continually review them will reduce many of the risks they will encounter in their job as a home care worker. Having safety as part of your culture right from day one can create a safe successful organization. Includes 3 policies specific to Home Care/Home Support.

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