The Home Care Nursing Policy and Procedure package is one of the most critical packages. Essentially, these define many of the tasks your home care staff will complete on a daily basis. These policies outline many of the duties of a home care worker, provide accountability, proper guidance, and ensure consistency and safety for your clients. By defining these clearly to your staff they will understand what it means to provide consistent, safe, proper services that represent what your company stands for quality, compassionate, home support.

Our Home Care Nursing Policy Package includes:

  • Bathing Safety Policy
  • Body Mechanics Policy
  • Choking Prevention Policy
  • Client Bill of Rights Policy
  • Dementia Client Rights Policy
  • Documentation Requirements Policy
  • In and Out Catheter Policy
  • Nutrition & Hydration Policy
  • Oxygen Administration Policy
  • Perineal Care Policy
  • Safe Bathing Temperature Policy
  • Safe Food Handling Policy
  • Safe Transfers and Positioning Policy
  • Safety Incident Client Reporting Policy
  • Transfer Belts Policy
  • Wound Management Policy


Contains 16 customizable policies (MS Word file). Downloadable upon purchase.

Click here to view a sample policy.

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