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Orientation & Training

Welcome to our Orientation and Training Services. Through our experience building businesses and helping businesses grow, we know that continual training is key to your organization’s success. Whether it is on-boarding or orientation for new staff or continued training, we have solutions to help your staff and in turn the organization the best it can be.

The importance of employee training cannot be overlooked. Orientation helps your new employees familiarize themselves with your company policies and procedures, expectations, culture, mission, vision and values.   Having employees orientated properly will help them feel part of your team, understand your expectations of them and improve productivity.

Well-trained employees will be safer, more productive, have higher morale, make fewer mistakes, and need less supervision.

Home Care Orientation

As part of the services we offer to you, we offer a comprehensive online training and orientation service. By allowing us to take over your training and/or orientation you can let us take that off your plate so you can focus on growing your business. By letting us setup an online portal for your organization and staff, it will allow employees to complete training from anywhere, and at anytime. If you want an employee engagement survey, or a new policy to be reviewed by your staff, we can create an online hub for your staff to review and sign documents, take surveys, learn new material, have continual training and quiz them on the training they have completed. Allowing your employees to have access from anywhere and at anytime will make training, quizzes, and surveys easier and therefore compliance higher.

Let us help you today to create a custom online hub for your organization where we can help you create training plans, orientation and on-boarding plans, and more.

Get in touch with one of our experienced team members who can let you know what we can do for your business.

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