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In our experience in reviewing our client’s workplace practices we consistently see avoidable mistakes. Many of our clients have policies and procedures in place because they must, and some have none at all. Truly understanding why your policies and procedures are important and having well defined, efficient, and structured policies and procedures will make your company’s and your employee’s success grow and help you avoid those avoidable mistakes.

Policies communicate a company’s culture, values, and mission. They cover what employees can expect from the company, what the company expects from employees, as well as what customers can expect from the company.

Managing your new or existing business is not an easy task, but it does not have to be a constant source of stress.

The process of creating your business’s policies and procedures can be extremely time consuming and overwhelming. Do not leave that to guess work! We have policy and procedure packages available for purchase. Our experts have created various packages that are in accordance with Canadian laws and with Accreditation Canada regulations that you can purchase depending on your needs.

Have a look at what we have to offer, as well as some sample policies and procedures.

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Home Care & Home Support Policies

Administration policies are a set of rules that govern the procedures for managing an organization.   They include what the company should expect of an employee and what the employee should expect from the company. They are key to promoting a positive, safe, and productive work environment while also establishing efficiency, consistency, responsibility, and accountability.

These policies should include office rules, businesses expectations and values.

Certain Human Resource (HR) policies are requited by law, such as ones pertaining to harassment, sick leave, pay policies and more.

HR policies are meant to provide frameworks for an organization, within which consistent decisions can be made, and through which equality in the way people are treated can be promoted.

The implementation of strong HR policies can help an organization demonstrate, both internally and externally, that it meets the requirements for diversity, ethics, and training required in today’s workplace, and meets its commitments regarding regulation and corporate governance of employees.

HR policies set out obligations, standards of behaviour and document disciplinary procedures (among other things).

Nursing policies and procedures protect the caregiver (HCA, LPN, or RN) and the client from confusion and harm. They offer guiding principles as well as actionable instructions.
A company’s occupational health and safety policy is a statement of principles and general rules that serve as guides for action. Senior management must be committed to ensuring the policy is carried out with zero exceptions. The occupational health and safety policy needs to have the same importance as all other policies of the company.
A marketing policy is similar to a company’s business code of ethics. Although some are more specific than others, each addresses aspects of responsible marketing the business considers most important. For example, Coco-Cola’s marketing policy – which focuses on children – includes  guidelines for the different marketing channels it uses as well as for product placement in schools and youth organizations.
The purpose of the Medication policies is to establish guidelines to promote the health and safety of clients by ensuring the safe assistance and administration of medication and treatments or other necessary procedures.
The implementation of Infection Prevention & Control policies determines the expectation that all staff – office and field (caregivers) in the home care company have the knowledge, skills, and training required to consistently implement effective IP&C practices in their area of work.
Payroll policies describe the payroll process a it relates to administration of salaries, timekeeping, payroll schedules and payment methods. Procedures documented in a payroll policy ensure a clear and defined process, efficient payroll activities, availability of forms and appropriate controls. A company with established payroll policies and procedures can assure employees of accurate and timely payment of wages.
It is important to the health and safety of your caregivers as well as your client’s that medical equipment is properly maintained. Whether its is owned by the company or owned by the client, providing policies regarding maintenance of equipment is important.   Either using the manufacturer’s recommendations for maintenance or developing your own maintenance schedules, safe work procedures and practices you can ensure long life of equipment, but more important, safety to the user.

All of the above policies are specific to Home Care or Home Support businesses. We are able to customize packages to ensure you get the policies you need to be successful.

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